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Sync Invoices with Quickbooks

Imagine the countless hours you have spent keying Central States invoices into Quickbooks. Now imagine yourself fishing instead. It’s that simple. Once Quickbooks is setup to work with CentralLink, syncing invoices happens automatically. Just take 5 minutes getting Quickbooks setup and configured and you’ll be ready to start reeling in the big one.

Step 1 – Setup

The first step is to setup and configure Quickbooks to work with CentralLink.  This is the longest part of the process and will take five minutes of your time.  Once, you are logged into CentralLink, click the button below to setup your integration.

Step 2 – Syncing

Once Quickbooks is setup and configured, it will sync on it’s own as long as the program is running.

For this reason, we recommend having Quickbooks web connector (shown) running on your computer whenever you have Quickbooks running.  This web connector has a field where you can enter an interval of minutes and Quickbooks will sync with CentralLink at that interval.

At any time, if you would like to run the process manually to sync, simply check the application in the Quickbooks web connector and click “Update Selected.”

Watch the Setup

It’s easy and takes about 3-5 minutes.  This screenshot even shows the unit of measure error that you may get if you have not enabled this feature in Quickbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still get printed invoices or electronic invoices after I sync with Quickbooks?

If you want.  Your invoice notification settings are not changed when you sign up for Quickbooks integration.  If you would like to change your invoice notification settings contact your salesperson and they can help.

What are these items that are now in my Quickbooks?

During the syncing process we import the items from invoice into your Quickbooks.  This allows you to see line by line detail for your invoices.  It also syncs with the item costs from your invoice.

My invoice does not show line by line details.  What’s wrong?

Likely nothing.  Line by line details on an invoice only works if your Quickbooks version supports unit of measure.  Otherwise you will not see line by line details on your invoice.  If you feel like you should be seeing line by line details, please email us at

Quickbooks is not showing up in the account menu. How do I access this feature?

For Quickbooks to show up in a users account menu, the user must have permissions set to view invoices. This option can be found by clicking on account/manage users. If you need help with this setting, your sales person can set it for you.

Unit of Measure Error

You may get an error during syncing if you have not set up your unit of measure configuration in Quickbooks. Some business use this already and some do not.  This needs to be enabled in order to sync invoices with CentralLink.  Please follow these steps if you get the error shown.

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