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Author: Darrell Doss

Applying Markups to Items in CentralLink

At the core of CentralLink is the ability to mark up products and services to make a profit. The starting point to configuring this is setting up My Customers. Two of the most popular My Customers that we see set up are “Retail Customer” and “Contractor Level 1.” This allows you to assign markups, an internal contact, and even automatically send order verfication when you place an order.

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Quote buildings quicker with CentralLink’s building estimator

CentralLink is used for far more than just ordering material. It is also becoming a hub for quoting, saving, and following up on projects. A critical part of this is the CentralLink Building Estimator.

We know that nothing will replace the years of experience that our customers have. But sometime you don’t need an exact number. Sometimes you need to get a quick price to a customer who simply wants to know if they can afford a building. Our building estimator allows you to give a price within seconds. And it let’s you customize the price calculations to account for each and every detail that makes your building better than the ne

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