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Adding labor through CentralLink

Everyone’s business is a little different, and CentralLink is designed to be flexible enough to allow you to make it work for you.  Here is how other businesses are using CentralLink to add labor costs.

Creating a My Customer Account

By creating a My Customer account, you can include the labor in any markups that you may have.  Rather than simply marking the product up 20% to account for profit, mark it up 120% so that you can include labor in the quote.  Name the account “Retail with Labor.”

Roofing Quote with Labor

Now that you have a My Customer account created that includes labor markups, you can use the roofing estimator to quickly quote roofs including labor.  All markups and labor is included.  Keep adjusting the markup until you are satisfied with the price.  Share the quotes with customers as they call in to keep the quote in front of them as they check additional options.

Let us do the work for you.

You quote, sell, and take care of the customer.