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Check your orders for errors

We all make mistakes from time to time, but with CentralLink it’s easy to find them before they cause problems. Before you place your next order, click the Check For Errors button at the bottom of the order. We check the lines in your order for both your preferences and within the order itself.

Key a commercial valley with a residential panel and we’ll let you know. And, if you try to order crimson red panels and alamo white screws, we’ll alert you of the potential issue. Once you see the error you can edit the lines and fix the order. Once you are ready, just hit the Place Order button.

Potential errors we check for:

  • color codes that don’t match.
  • your set preference for a specific type of panel or gauge.
  • screw color different than panel or trim color.
  • trim will work with panel type you selected.

Did you know you can place quotes without having to key in the color?

Click here to learn how to quote using color-less codes.