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Effective June 7, old product codes will be discontinued.

The new product codes are live now and the old codes will be discontinued on June 7 2021. Click here to visit our website  and download any product guides you may need.

Ordering trim using our new part codes is easy!

We are always working on ways to make your job easier. We’ve been updating our product codes so that they are more logical and easier for you when placing orders. The new codes also give you the flexibility to order trim in whatever length fits your needs vs. ordering special trim.

Take a moment and read about how to order trim using the new codes, and then give it a try on your next order!

In CentralLink, start by entering the Item ID. The Item ID is made of the TRIM CODE, a GAUGE CODE, and a COLOR CODE.

The TRIM CODE is found with each drawing next to the trim’s name.
The GAUGE CODE and COLOR CODES are located on a page in each product guide.

Then just type the number of pieces you need along with the length in feet and inches.