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Simple and Intuitive Bill Pay

CentralLink makes it easy to see your account balance, pay invoices, and even set up recurring payments from your bank account.  To avoid transaction fees for our customers, we offer ACH capabilities to make sure everything is secure.

View your open invoices

Nothing much to explain here.  It’s simple.  We show you the open invoices and credit memos.  You can view the invoice if you have any questions.  Choose the invoices you want to pay, and process them.  Simple and quick.  Central States bill pay is open 24 hours a day.

Set up a recurring payment

Never forget a payment again.  You have the ability to set up a recurring payment in CentralLink. Pick the time that fits your business – monthly, or daily, or at a different frequency.

Don’t worry, it’s safe and secure

We use Transactis (a division of Mastercard) to process and handle all our transactions.  And our servers have certificates of security to make sure we keep your information safe.