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Category: Advanced Features

Custom Purlin Punches

Don’t worry, it’s easy to create your own custom purlin punches with our punch editor. This will allow you to position punches where you need and then save them for future references. Once you have saved a custom punch it will always be available to you in from the purlin menu.

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Quote a complete building package

Our building wizard makes it easy for you to quote and order complete Centra Series building packages. Just a few quick clicks and you’ll have an order ready to share with your customer or send to our production department.

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Submit a TopView Detailed Takeoff

You can find the Top View Detailed Takeoff page under the Tools menu in CentralLink. There is just a handful of fields that we need to know before we can get started. Fill them out, upload a drawing, and sit back and relax while we go to work.

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Disabling an Employee’s Login

CentralLink has the ability to give you the authority to manage your employee’s permissions and access to CentralLink. This post covers how you will deactivate an employee’s login to CentralLink. This is important if an employee leaves your company.

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What’s My Driver’s Phone Number

Sometimes you need to get in touch with the person who is delivering your order. If you trying to let him know of something out of the ordinary, or just let him know that plans have changed, CentralLink makes it easier than ever to get in touch with your driver.

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Exporting Orders

CentralLink has the ability to export your orders to Excel, Quicken, or Quickbooks. There are two types of exporting available: order summary and order details. By using both these exports, you can integrate your business with Central States with other systems that you use to manage your business. Isn’t that the point of all this technology; integrations, efficiency, and making life easier?

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Integrate CentralLink with MBS Software

Our integration with Metal Building Software allows you to quickly import hundreds of lines from Metal Building Software directly into CentralLink, bypassing several touch points where errors can be made. Less errors means less time standing on the jobsite looking for a missing part, a missing punch, or a mis-marked part.

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Changing Computers with Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks integrations works with a single user, on a single computer. This is how we make sure that data is not duplicated and that invoices are correct. Plus, most of the time, there is a single person that handles invoicing. But sometimes, you need to upgrade your computer. When you do this, Quickbooks thinks you are trying to install a second version of the QuickBooks integration software on a second computer.

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Syncing invoices with Quickbooks

Imagine the countless hours you have spent keying Central States invoices into Quickbooks. Now imagine yourself fishing instead. It’s that simple. Once Quickbooks is setup to work with CentralLink, syncing invoices . . . .

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Importing a Quote into CentralLink

Everyone runs their business a little bit different. If you have your material generating in a spreadsheet, it’s probably worth the time to set up an import template that fits your business. We have designed CentralLink to be able to import orders quickly to ensure that we minimize any risk of mistyping during order entry. CentralLink can import .csv files directly from your computer.

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What information is being accessed in Quickbooks Integration?

Quickbooks integrations accesses a select group of tables and fields while we sync data. Below is a list of data points that we access during our integration process.
A list of user’s expense account names. This is used only to allow the customer to select one of their existing expense accounts for the Central States Vendor we create.

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Enable Unit of Measure in Quickbooks

If a customer has not enabled the Unit of Measure feature in Quickbooks, they will get an error message in the Web Connector. The error message will tell them the feature has not been enabled or is not available in this version.

Must be in single-user mode to enable this feature.

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Designing Custom Trim

We all known the scenario: A customer walks in with a cut off piece of trim that he is trying to match. So, you measure it, draw it out, and call it into your salesperson to give you a price. Nobody wants to quote a special trim wrong.

With CentralLink, you have the design and quoting abilities right at your desk. No more calls to salespeople to make sure it can be manufactured, or wonder what the price is. Design it, price it, and save it for next time.

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Applying Markups to Items in CentralLink

At the core of CentralLink is the ability to mark up products and services to make a profit. The starting point to configuring this is setting up My Customers. Two of the most popular My Customers that we see set up are “Retail Customer” and “Contractor Level 1.” This allows you to assign markups, an internal contact, and even automatically send order verfication when you place an order.

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