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Don’t know the color yet?

This is the typical scenario:  a contractor walks in and needs a quote.  But the homeowner has not chosen the color yet.  “Let’s just put it down as Green, then we can change it later.”

“Let’s just put it down as Green, then we can change it later.”

Inevitably, the order is accidentally processed as green and it costs everyone a lot of money, with a lot of finger pointing.  We see it all the time.

Use color-less part numbers

We have created part numbers for just this scenario.  They pull up the correct price, but they are not able to be processed as an order.  They are simply placeholders while you wait for the color to be chosen.  CentralLink is designed to limit mistakes, and this scenario can be a big one.  We have three part codes for our most popular options ready for you to use:

  • SMP29 – 29 gauge, Prime painted Panel Loc Plus.
  • SMP26 – 26 gauge, Ultra painted Panel Loc Plus.
  • SMP26L – 26 gauge, Prime painted Rloc or Mloc.

This is only designed for the panels.  Trim can be keyed using a normal color, and the colorless panel code will keep the order from being processed.  When you are ready, use our quick color change feature to change all the trim’s color at once.