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Design it, price it, and save it for next time

We all known the scenario:  A customer walks in with a cut off piece of trim that he is trying to match.  So, you measure it, draw it out, and call it into your salesperson to give you a price.  Nobody wants to quote a special trim wrong.

With CentralLink, you have the design and quoting abilities right at your desk.  No more calls to salespeople to make sure it can be manufactured, or wonder what the price is.  Design it, price it, and save it for next time.

Choose your Material Type

With CentralLink, you can choose which gauge you want, which color, and which length.  Everything you need to customize the project to fit your need.  And even better, you can get instant pricing so you never have to wait.


  1. Pick gauge
  2. Pick color
  3. Pick length

Customize each section

Designing, pricing, and ordering your special trim has never been easier.  CentralLink’s trim editor allows you to create and save your own custom trim and send it straight to our manufacturing facility.

  • Adjust hems
  • Assign the paint side
  • Adjust the angles
  • Make the dimensions longer
  • Save it for next time