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Category: The Basics

ALERT – June 7 old codes discontinued.

We are always working on ways to make your job easier. We’ve been updating our product codes so that they are more logical and easier for you when placing orders. The new codes also give you the flexibility to order trim in whatever length fits your needs vs. ordering special trim.

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Making mass changes to an order is easy.

Making mass changes to an order is easy! Just click edit on an order line you want to adjust and you’ll see buttons for “Change Color” and “Change Panels.” Follow the simple directions below depending on what change you want to make.

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Check your orders for errors

We all make mistakes from time to time, but with CentralLink it’s easy to find them before they cause problems. Before you place your next order, click the Check For Errors button.

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What size trailer should I use?

Check the Load Report for total weights and longest items on all the orders you’re coming to pick up. You don’t want to show up with a 16′ trailer and discover you have 20′ trim on an order. We want you to be able to safely haul any order you place with us.

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Looking at your incoming orders

At the bottom of the dashboard you’ll find a list of active orders. These are all the orders you have placed as they work their way to you. Look here to find quick details like the estimated delivery date, and order status.

Active orders will be listed here for three days after the invoice date.It’s also the best place to look if you have any questions about your order. Click on the Order# to view or download a pdf of the invoice.

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Benefits of using the Central States app

The Central States app is a great tool for contractors in the field. Once you download and install it, you have full access 24/7. There is no excuse to not be able to provide a quick quote to a homeowner, check on the status of your takeoff or order an extra bag of screws to finish up a job. Check it out today and it will quickly become your favorite app.

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Downloading the Central States app

Central States has created an app for our distributors and contractors on-the-go. It combines our most popular tools in a mobile format. Use it to log-in to CentralLink, choose colors on our Color Visualizer, check out our photo gallery, or access our wide range of tools from our website, including our Research and Testing page. The app is easy to download and install.

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Get a quick price

Most customers want a price and they need it quick. Often times, the quicker the response, the higher rate of closing the sale. CentralLink is designed to help our customers move quickly to get sales, so it is important that users are familiar with the quick price check features of CentralLink.

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Troubleshooting a Mac

CentralLink works seamlessly with Macs and PCs alike. But sometimes, Macs can have issues with security certificates that CentralLink issues. Even when you accept the certificate, a Mac can sometimes get stuck in an endless loop of asking for acceptance of a security certificate. We are not sure why it happens, but we have found a simply solution that works for nearly everyone.

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Pay your bills online

CentralLink makes it easy to see your account balance, pay invoices, and even set up recurring payments from your bank account. To avoid transaction fees for our customers, we offer ACH capabilities to make sure everything is secure.

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Generating a Quote

Generating a quote is at the foundation of CentralLink’s purpose. It is a place where you make a quote for a customer or submit an order to Central States. Every order submitted through CentralLink to Central States starts as a quote. There are three simple steps to generating a quote: Editing a quote header, editing the lines, and reviewing the quote.

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Quoting a Metal Roof Quickly

Our Roofing Quote is designed to make it quick and easy to give a ballpark price on a metal roof. Most homeowners don’t know what a metal roof costs, or whether they can afford it. You tend to get a lot of people who are just “kicking the tires.” CentralLink’s Roofing Quote is the perfect tool to make it easy to give them a price.

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When will my order arrive?

CentralLink is designed to give you the most up to date information about your orders and quotes. We have built product lead times into the system and integrated our logistics systems. This means that you can see estimated delivery dates for any order or quote you are working on.

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Finding an Order

You can find orders by going to the Order Menu and clicking on Find Orders. These are all invoices orders on your Central States account. If you are looking for an order that is not yet invoiced, it will be on the dashboard, under the Active Orders table.

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Quote buildings quicker with CentralLink’s building estimator

CentralLink is used for far more than just ordering material. It is also becoming a hub for quoting, saving, and following up on projects. A critical part of this is the CentralLink Building Estimator.

We know that nothing will replace the years of experience that our customers have. But sometime you don’t need an exact number. Sometimes you need to get a quick price to a customer who simply wants to know if they can afford a building. Our building estimator allows you to give a price within seconds. And it let’s you customize the price calculations to account for each and every detail that makes your building better than the ne

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