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Create a reusable quote template

Do you find yourself keying the same types of quotes over and over? Now you can save your favorite quote as a template instead of spending all your time creating new quotes.  Like everything with CentralLink –  it’s easy!

If you already have a great quote you want to make into a template follow these directions.

  1. From the Order tab, click the View Quotes menu.
  2. Find the quote you want to use as a template, and click Copy. The copied quote now opens in a new screen.
  3. Update the job name with your template name – example “Template 20x24x12.”
  4. Finally, click the checkbox that says Favorite.

Alternatively, if you want to start from scratch, just start a new quote and click the checkbox for Favorite before you begin your new quote.

When you check the Favorite box, the quote will appear at the top of the View Quote page regardless of the date it was created.  Now you have all your favorite quotes at the top, easy to access. They are designated with a star icon.

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