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When will my order arrive?

CentralLink is designed to give you the most up to date information about your orders and quotes.  We have built product lead times into the system and integrated our logistics systems.  This means that you can see estimated delivery dates for any order or quote you are working on.

At the core of our tracking system is the Central States Order Tracker.  This allows you to see all the important information about your order delivery:

  • When will it arrive.
  • Driver contact information.
  • The address where it is shipping.

When the order is still in our plant, we will estimate the day that the order will arrive.  However, once the order leaves our facility, we are able to give an hour-window for delivery.

You can sign up for mobile notifications and be alerted as your order progresses through our manufacturing process.  This will keep you updated with the most real-time delivery schedule.  Share notifications with your customer, or sign them up for notifications if you want to keep them in the loop.

Estimating delivery before you place an order

When you are placing an order, or simply quoting, you can click the “Estimate Delivery” button.  This is found at the final confirmation step of the quote.  This feature checks the products on the quote, and cross references them to the lead times by product.  Then it checks your assigned routes and provides and estimated delivery date.  It’s all about helping you set good expectations with your customers.