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Quoting a Metal Roof Quickly

Our Roofing Quote is designed to make it quick and easy to give a ballpark price on a metal roof.  Most homeowners don’t know what a metal roof costs, or whether they can afford it.  You tend to get a lot of people who are just “kicking the tires.” CentralLink’s Roofing Quote is the perfect tool to make it easy to give them a price.

Use it to upsell

Most users leave the Roofing Quote tool up on their desktop all day long.  This way when a customer walks up they can quickly give a ballpark price.  Better yet, a lot of people are finding it to be a great tool for upselling.  Toggle between 29 and 26 gauge to quickly show a customer the small difference in price between the products.  Not quite sure how to price Standing Seam?  The Roofing Quote makes it simply to let someone know how much extra to upgrade.


Be sure to set up customer accounts in CentralLink so you can provide retail or contractor pricing on the spot.

Let your customers use it.

Our mobile app is designed for contractors to use on the jobsite. CentralLink users can invite their customers to use the Roofing Quote tool to quickly get a price.  They see their pricing.  This can help contractors get quotes to their customers quickly, and save themselves a phone call to get a price.