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The Basics


Troubleshooting a Mac

CentralLink works seamlessly with Macs and PCs alike. But sometimes, Macs can have issues with security certificates that CentralLink issues. Even when you accept the certificate, a Mac can sometimes get stuck in an endless loop of asking for acceptance of a security certificate. We are not sure why it happens, but we have found a simply solution that works for nearly everyone.

Advanced Features


Syncing invoices with Quickbooks

Imagine the countless hours you have spent keying Central States invoices into Quickbooks. Now imagine yourself fishing instead. It’s that simple. Once Quickbooks is setup to work with CentralLink, syncing invoices happens automatically. Just take 5 minutes getting Quickbooks setup and configured and you’ll be ready to start reeling in the big one.

Outside the Box


Quoting when the color is not known

This is the typical scenario: a contractor walks in and needs a quote. But the homeowner has not chosen the color yet. "Let's just put it down as Green, then we can change it later." "Let's just put it down as Green, then we can change it later." Inevitably, the order is accidently processed as green and it costs everyone a lot of money, with a lot of fingerpointing. We see it all the time.


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