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The Basics


Get a quick price

Most customers want a price and they need it quick. Often times, the quicker the response, the higher rate of closing the sale. CentralLink is designed to help our customers move quickly to get sales, so it is important that users are familiar with the quick price check features of CentralLink.

Advanced Features


What’s My Driver’s Phone Number

Sometimes you need to get in touch with the person who is delivering your order. If you trying to let him know of something out of the ordinary, or just let him know that plans have changed, CentralLink makes it easier than ever to get in touch with your driver.

Outside the Box


Quoting when the color is not known

This is the typical scenario: a contractor walks in and needs a quote. But the homeowner has not chosen the color yet. "Let's just put it down as Green, then we can change it later." Inevitably, the order is accidently processed as green and it costs everyone a lot of money, with a lot of fingerpointing. We see it all the time.


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